Phillip Wolfram

Phillip Wolfram Interests: Numerical methods and simulation of small- and large-scale environmental flows, coastal ocean model development, data analysis using machine learning approaches
Research: Understanding how mixing and coastal processes, particularly on regional scales, affect the climate system and impact natural-human environment interactions, especially in complex coastal environments at the interface between human and natural systems.

Postdoctoral research associate advisees

Steven Brus

Steven Brus Interests: Numerical methods, high performance computing, coastal ocean model development
Research: Understanding how wind-wave physics in ocean circulation models affects ocean and sea-ice interactions and coastal flooding. Development of application space workflows for simulation deployment.

Zhendong Cao

Zhendong Cao Interests: Coastal model development and application, sediment transport dynamics, coastal morphodynamic evolution, coastal machine learning applications
Research: Understanding the decadal time scale response of estuarine morphodynamics to the external driving forces including spring-neap tides, seasonally-varied river discharge, as well as sea level rise. Application of machine learning algorithms for sediment transport and ocean biogeochemistry.

Derek DeSantis (co-advised with Boian Alexandrov)

Derek Desantis Interests: Machine learning, data analysis, and climate science
Research: Developing novel machine learning algorithms to assess classification trust, mathematical analysis of tensors, applications and development of nonnegative tensor factorization.

Yu Zhang (co-advised with Joel Rowland)

Yu Zhang Interests: Hydrology and geomorphological interactions for landscape dynamics. Surface and subsurface integrated hydrology and ecogeomorphology at multiple spatio-temporal scales.
Research: Evaluation of ecogeomorphic modeling techniques and development of sediment transport capabilities for the Advanced Terrestrial Simulator.

Previous postdoctoral advisees

Jon Schwenk (Director’s Postdocotoral Fellow co-advised with Joel Rowland)

Jon Schwenk Interests: River modeling, remote sensing, machine learning
Research: Understanding river evolution via machine learning and remote sensing.
Now: Research Staff in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Previous graduate research associate advisees

Derek DeSantis (via the NSF MSGI program)

Derek Desantis Interests: Operator theory, operator algebras, frame theory, machine learning, data analysis, and the connections between these subjects
Research: Understanding the structure and isomorphism classes of operator algebras arising from frame theory. Developing machine learning, wavelet based clustering techniques for identifying climate biomes shifts over time.
Now: Center for Nonlinear Studies Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Previous postbachelor advisees

Rachel Robey

Rachel Robey Interests: Applied mathematics, numerical methods, high performance computing, ocean turbulence
Research: Understanding how mean and eddy flows produce oceanic mixing to improve understanding of deep ocean heat and carbon transport.
Now: Applied Mathematics Graduate Student, University of Colorado at Boulder

Previous summer student advisees

John Barbish (via the XCP Computational Physics Student Summer Workshop)

John Barbish Interests: Nonlinear Systems, Chaotic Dynamics, Computational Modeling
Research: Climate analysis algorithms to determine locations in the coastal US that are best suited for farming macroalgae in the ocean.
Now: Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, Virginia Tech

Riely Brady (via the DOE CSGF)

Riley Brady Interests: Global and coastal biogeochemistry, scientific visualization
Research: Analysis of Southern Ocean biogeochemical hot spots using Lagrigian particle tracking via LIGHT.
Now: DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow, University of Colorado Boulder

Dean Price (via the XCP Computational Physics Student Summer Workshop)

Dean Price Interests: Alternative Energy, Nuclear Physics, Computational Models
Research: Climate analysis algorithms to determine locations in the coastal US that are best suited for farming macroalgae in the ocean.
Now: Nuclear Energy Undergraduate Scholarship Winner

External collaborators

Darren Engwirda Columbia University and NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Nikki Lovenduski University of Colorado at Boulder
Tom Peterka Argonne National Laboratory
Hanqi Guo Argonne National Laboratory
David Ralston Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Francesca Samsel University of Texas at Austin
Greg Abram University of Texas at Austin
John Warner USGS Woods Hole
Taiping Wang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Zhaoqing Yang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Joseph Zhang Virginia Institute for Marine Sciences