Coastal and ocean modeling software

Founding and primary author of Lagrangian In-situ Global High-performance particle Tracking (LIGHT)
LIGHT High-performance Lagrangian particle tracking within MPAS-O.
Founding author of Model for Prediction Across Scales Analysis / A-prime
MPAS-Analysis Climate diagnostics for MPAS.
Team member and contributor to SUNTANS, The Stanford unstructured-grid, nonhydrostatic, parallel coastal ocean model
SUNTANS Unstructured coastal hydrodynamic modeling.

Scientific computing

Contributor to XArray
XArray Generalized n-dimensional database operations for netCDF.
Contributor to Dask / distributed
Dask Out of core computation for XArray on high-performance computing.
Contributor to NumPy
numpy Scientific computations with python, especially for arrays.
Contributor to SciPy
scipy Scientific alogrithm toolkit for python.
Contributor to Matplotlib
matplotlib Scientific plotting for python.